Ukraine and Russia

In relation to the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine/Russia region and the EU imposing a new import prohibition on raw materials and components containing steel or iron originating in Russia. Cannock Chemicals Ltd does not directly /indirectly purchase or plan to source raw materials containing iron steel from the Ukraine/Russian region for use in, or the process of manufacturing products.

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Cannock Chemicals’ Expanding Mansol Product Range: Discover What’s New!

At Cannock Chemicals, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our product offerings to better serve our valued customers. Our commitment to excellence extends to our Mansol product range, and we are excited to share some recent additions that will cater to a broader spectrum of your needs. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the latest updates on our Mansol product page, including carpet cleaner solutions, screen wash AD Blue, and jet wash and wax products. Carpet Cleaner Solutions: Our recent update to the Mansol product range includes

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