Range of Metals

We are the Distributor for Xstrata Nickel Products in the UK.

At Cannock Chemicals, we take pride in being the trusted distributor for Xstrata Nickel products, delivering top-notch quality and reliability in the UK market. Our partnership ensures that you have access to cutting-edge metal solutions, backed by the expertise of a global industry leader.

Metal Prices Based on the London Metal Exchange (LME)

Stay ahead of the curve with Cannock Chemicals. Our metal prices are dynamically determined by the London Metal Exchange (LME), providing you with real-time pricing that reflects the fluctuations in the market throughout the day. This commitment to transparency and current market values ensures that you make informed decisions for your metal needs.

Explore Our Range of Metal Products

Dive into our comprehensive table below to discover the diverse array of metal products we offer. From aluminium to zinc, our high-quality metals cater to a variety of industrial applications. Feel free to browse and find the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

Metal Product
Aluminium Wire 10-20g
Brass Anodes
Brass Squares 1"
Copper Anodes PDO
Copper Anodes OFHC
Copper Slugs Std or Mini OFHC or PDO
Copper Wire 18-26g 8" or 12" Block
Copper Wire 18-24g 5kg Spool
Nickel Anodes Depolarised
Nickel Anodes Durvanic
Nickel 'E' Crowns
Nickel 'D' Crowns
Nickel Strip
Nickel Squares 1"
Nickel Pellets
Tin Anodes Cast
Tin Anodes Rolled
Tin / Lead Anodes
Zinc Balls
Zinc Bullets
Zinc Anodes (various sizes)