Mansol Products

Cannock chemicals offers a blending and mixing facility.

Where we have developed our own brand of chemicals under the banner of Mansol.

This side of the company offers a full range of degreasing and cleaning chemicals. As well as environmentally safe paint strippers screen wash and TFR to name but a few.We also offer toll blending to customers formulations as well as etches and chrome solutions. The company also decants liquids and powders into easy-to-handle receptacles Ranging from 250mils-25litres

Using Mansol products in combination

The three products were Mansol UUC (Universal Ultrasonic Cleaner) Mansol Citric De-scaler and Mansol Eco Strip

First stage was the removal of oil, grease and road film using Mansol UUC at 2% dilution running at 75 degrees’ c for 45 minutes in an Ultrasonic machine. This allows the other products to do their work.

Second stage was the removal of Rust, Aluminium oxide and Calcium deposits using Mansol citric de-scale at 10% dilution running at 75 degrees’ c for 60 minutes after this operation in the machine all that remained was the removal of carbon build up in ports

Third stage Paint and carbon removal using Mansol Eco Strip running at 55 degrees’ c for 60 minutes this product is used neat, water is only added when levels drop due to evaporation

Final stage returns to Mansol UUC for 15 minutes to remove any deposits dissolved by the other Mansol products.

By using these three Mansol products in an ultrasonic machine over 3 hours these results can be obtained. Similar result can be achieved in soak tanks over longer periods of time. Heating solutions will speed up the operation.